Hi guys! I am leaving this blog to go to instagram!! I love instagram much more than the blog life! If you want to check out my instagram, my username is ag_flower_crown!! See ya and have a great life!! Goodbye! 


Lets Talk… Doll Shorts!

I will be starting a new series called Lets Talk! It basically is when I take whatever we are talking about into my own opinion and talk about where you can get it and who has the best item.

So today we will be talking about doll shorts.ni think I need to add one pair of shorts into my dolls wardrobe, it would be a perfect accessory for summer and would go with about every shirt! Here are some shorts that I thought were really cool and cute! 

       I love all of these! Which one is your favorite? P.S. I got an instagram! My account is AG_Flower_Crown  if you have an account leave it down below and I will TRY to follow it! Sometimes I will post more there then on the blog! Sometimes behind the scenes look and more!

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!

I took Saiges Picnic Set and  used the Mexican food and blanket to make a Cinco De Mayo scene! The sombrero (hat) is just a fun find! Sooooo…. Grace went on a picnic and here are the pictures! 


I just love the fun colors in this scene and the pattern on the blanket! It looks so fun an festive!


Saiges Picnic Set has soooo much more and I am glad I got it when I did! (The chips and dip look really good!)
Happy Cinco De Mayo Everyone!   

Caroline’s Retirement

American Girl announces Caroline’s retirement. So if you plan on getting her get her now! I guess her accessories didn’t sell well. Stay tuned for a How To Make A Doll Room post! 



Here is a photo shoot of my new doll Skylar!    

The jumper she is wearing Is from Our Generation and is called the Jumping for Joy outfit , the sweater and scarf also came with it . The boots are from the My AG outfit! 

                  See ya all later!!